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Colleges and universities continue to be subject to a growing number of state and federal regulations. From campus security to student privacy, there is a complicated array of rules, regulations, and policy mandates that must be followed. Noncompliance can lead to costly and diversionary governmental audits, bad publicity, and steep fines.

Educational institutions are also subject to potential civil liability. Students, faculty, and staff who are victims of sexual harassment, discrimination, hazing, and even bullying often sue the school and its administrators. Adverse disciplinary or academic decisions against faculty and students may also create potential exposure if the decision does not conform to institutional policies. 

Covenant Law Group works with educational institutions to navigate the complex legal environment in which they operate. Our firm advises institutional staff, administrators, and board members on matters concerning compliance, policy development, and best practices.   


Our legal team stands ready to represent educational institutions if they become a party to a lawsuit, are under investigation by a government agency, or run into issues with accreditation. 

Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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