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Entertainment / Fashion Law

Covenant Law Group works with entertainers, artist, labels, publishers, actors/actresses and media content companies.  In Entertainment content is king and we strive to help protect client's intellectual properties.  We stand ready to advise new and existing content  owners on issues related to:


  • Business Formation

  • Copyright

  • Trademark

  • Right of Publicity

  • Fashion

  • Employment

  • Contract

  • Photography & Film

  • Agencies 

  • Career Development

  • Label and Corporate Consultation



We also represent businesses in court and through mediation and arbitration in areas such as:  


  • Drafting Contracts

  • Tour & Merchandise

  • Transactions

  • Negotiations

  • Collections

  • Client/Vendor Conflict

  • Ownership Disputes 


Contact us today. We work artists, entertainers, models, designers, actors/actresses, models and public personalities to develop strategies to protect assets, build careers and develop partnerships necessary in entertainment related activities. Call and make an appointment today.

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